Litigation | Business
and Public Law


We specialize in high-stakes civil and commercial litigation. This may involve, e.g., disputes between partners or shareholders, disputes with a customer or supplier, or disputes with a competitor. We assist our clients at any stage of their disputes: pre-litigation phase (risk analysis, definition of a strategy, formal notice, etc.), litigation phase before all courts (tribunal judiciaire, commercial court, courts of appeal), settlement of disputes before a regulatory authority and enforcement of decisions. Our prior experience in leading business law firms has enabled us to practice litigation to the highest standards, in terms of the quality of our defense memoranda, strategy memos and reporting, in both French and English. We are committed to remaining a trusted partner to our clients. Our availability to discuss and analyze your cases provide us with an overall understanding of all interest involved. We always represent our clients’ interests with conviction and determination


We have developed extensive expertise in public litigation, particularly in business law. We assist our clients before all the administrative courts (administrative tribunal, administrative court of appeal) for all matters relating to administrative law, public aids, public contracts, administrative liability, etc. We advise our clients on all aspects of litigation relating to the award or performance of public contracts (concessions, public procurement agreement, public-private partnership, etc.). Our area of expertise also includes legal actions against the French authorities in relation with their liability in enacting administrative decisions likely to affect business activities (refusal or withdrawal of an authorization or permit, closure of business, adoption of new regulations, etc.).


We assist companies, shareholders, managers and employees in any criminal investigation or legal proceedings before the criminal courts (police court, criminal court). We also specialize in criminal law relating to public authorities, e.g breaches of the duty of probity by elected representatives, officials or public servants (bribery, corruption, influence peddling, illegal taking of interests, offences relating tor public contracts, etc.). We are determined to provide the best defense to our clients.


We assist our clients in all dispute resolution procedures (conciliation, settlement or arbitration). In this respect, we are committed to provide objective advice to serve our clients’ best interests.


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Nicolas Thomas

Registered with the Paris Bar

Thomas Truchet

Registered with the Paris Bar